International Esport Center

E-Sports in Marbella

International E-Sport Marbella Center

We are a pioneering company in the E-Sports sector in Marbella. We have opened our first center in Marbella, a center that has 30 gaming computers equipped to have a gaming experience like professional players.

The computers are equipped with AMD Ryzen, processors with which AMD has beaten Intel in terms of performance. Sapphire Pulse Radeon graphics superior to the Nvidia GeForce , which perfectly matches the Ryzen processor and the 24" Monitor with FreeSync at 144Hz. Then the 16 GB of RAM and the SSD make our computers fly and the experience is superior to what you can have at home. Then we have a Newskill mechanical keyboard and a 5000 DPI gaming pro mouse.

We also have a ChillOut area with two 100" projector screens to which a gaming projector with 1080p native will project the image of 2 PlayStation 4 at 4K resolution scaling. These PS4 will have 2 controllers to play FIFA20, NBA 2K20, Rocket League, Dragon Ball Fighterz among others.

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We are your E-Sports Center in Marbella

We believe in becoming a professional video game player, being an E-Sports professional just as a child can become a professional footballer. It's a new world growing, constantly evolving and having more and more impact on everyday life. New jobs have been created, there are teams, tournaments, competitions, leagues, sponsorships, TV channels, full halls... We join this new life and have created International E-sport Center.