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We have the latest competitive games


Battle Royal 100 Player online game where only one player can remain. Farmeo and Construction alone, duo or in teams to achieve masterful victory.


Counter Strike is a cooperative online FPS (First Person Shooter). Where two teams of 5 players face each other to win the game.

League of Legends

Better known as LOL, a mass phenomenon game in many countries, it is an online battle arena multiplayer with many heroes to choose from.


FIFA is a football simulator full of single and multiplayer game modes. It stands out in all licenses.

Apex Legends

I play Battle Royal online where only one can be left. Its first-person view and more futuristic look sets it apart from its competitors.


A few years ago 2K surprised us with their basketball simulator, and each new release brings new features.

Dragon Ball Fighterz

Local and online fighting game, competitive gameplay with the iconic Dragon Ball characters One of the best games in the saga.

Rocket League

A game that mixes football and remote-controlled cars, each player drives a car and fights to win the game.


Competitive 5vs5 tactical shooter game. The next sport of Riot Games.